At Home Center Nepal we understand how important it is to have your own personal space, whether it is at your home or at the office. And so for the past 2 years, we have been working towards establishing ourselves as a provider of high quality professional service for all your interior requirements. Interior design is more than the selection of furnishings and finishes. It is attention to detail and quality, use of fine furniture and accessories to perfectly blend and create authenticity, originality and good taste. Out experienced team of professionals at Home Center Nepal will accompany you every step of the way throughout the project timeline, starting from planning to installation. We will ensure that your vision for a beautiful and efficient place to live, work, and relax is delivered - on time and on budget.

Our Mission

To provide the highest quality professional service in interior design that is durable, efficient, and cost-effective.

Our Projects

Modular Kitchen

A kitchen is the heart of a house. A family comes together in the kitchen, stories are shared, and distances are cut short. At Home Center Nepal we understand that a good kitchen is a very important place for any family and we see to it that we deliver a kitchen that is perfect for you. Whether you are moving into a new house, or are giving the old one a renovation, modular kitchen is your answer to lack of time and sufficient space. Modular kitchen is an efficient kitchen furniture layout that makes effective usage of the available space, consists of modules of cabinets that can house all your kitchen accessories inside, and is easy to clean. These layouts come in different materials, colors, and designs, and can be laid out to fit your kitchen space. Since you can easily add or remove kitchen accessories such as in-built over or chimney, depending on your budget and lifestyle, each kitchen module turns out to be unique just like its owner.

Modular Wardobe

The fast paced life of today can easily turn chaotic and messy. Before you know it the chaos is reflected in your living space. Home Center Nepal can help you in this situation by delivering innovative ideas and creative designs to bring order to chaos. We bring your modular wardrobe. Home Center Nepal brings you smart solutions in wardrobe designs that save you space, time, and money. Modular Wardrobes are the answer to your search for closet space that doesn’t eat up too much space in your room, and yet manages to keep in order all your belongings. The furniture has segmented units which can be assembled or dismantled in many ways to provide tailored solutions to the user. Again, depending on the size and dimension of your room, your requirement and taste, we will deliver modular wardrobes to meet your expectations.

Modular Living Room Wardrobe

The last thing you want your house guests to see is a clutter in the living room. Your living room is a medium to channel your style to the outside world, but that doesn’t mean the available space has to go to waste. A Modular Wardrobe for your living room brings impeccable style with plenty of storage.

If you want a good looking, stylish yet clever wardrobe solutions for your living room, then Home Center Nepal is the right place. We offer designer collection for living room wardrobe to complement the rest of the décor. Our design team will find you the right wardrobe for a hallway or living room that is functional, practical, and aesthetically pleasing.

Home Appliances

Integrating your interior and home appliances is a tough nut to crack. Most of the times, either the appliances you purchase is not the right size, or the right color to match your furniture and the overall setting of the room. Look no further. At Home Center Nepal we have a wide range of home appliances that will complement your home décor.

Whether it is a kitchen stove, a chimney, a built-in oven, kitchen baskets, water purifier or a solar panel, Home Center Nepal has them all. Our expert designers will guide you to select the right kind of appliance that fits your space, fulfills your needs, and matches the rest of the décor of the place. Once the purchase is made, our installation team will take charge of the fitting procedure as well.

Our Manufacturing Sector/Factory

Every client comes to us with a vision for their house. At Home Center Nepal we turn their dream into reality. And the magic happens at our factory. For each customer, we make each kitchen cabinets unit, wardrobe unit as per the customer requirement and the design approved by the customer.

Because we build everything from scratch, keeping in consideration the rest of the atmosphere and décor of the installation room, there will be no mismatch in color. This includes worktops – granite, doors, handles, etc. Most of the raw material used in making of the furniture is local, but the process of production follows international standards.

At Home Center Nepal, everything about modular furniture from the furnishing to finishing is done by machine, guaranteeing a strong, durable, and stunning product. The meticulous designs of our final product reflect the advanced process technologies used in the fabrication. When you choose Home Center Nepal for all your furnishing needs, you choose the best in quality, design and price.


How do we work ?


Step 1 - Brief and Analysis

Home Center Nepal and our team works closely with you to understand your requirement and vision. We work as a bridge to fill the gap between what we can bring to the table and what you are looking for. We undertake an in-depth study of your place so that we can fully understand the brief and create proposed solutions for better ways of working.

Step 2 - Measure It

Measuring the space correctly is a pre-requisite, without which everything else fails. Planning and designing the layout is the most important. Our experienced team of designer will visit the place to measure the place correctly for the furniture. Everything from ordering, material planning and kitchen installation depends on correct measurement. It takes very little time on your part, and we will take care of all the nitty-gritty in measurement and designing of modular furniture.

Step 3 - Plan it

Our team will sit down with you and discuss on the points of requirements. We plan on how many units will be needed, which material or color will you like to use for the units, the design of sinks, fittings, finishes, appliances, counter tops, handles etc. This must be done carefully because developing and installing a modular unit is a one-time thing. Hence, our design team will guide you to make the right decision.

Step 4 - Order it

After designing and planning, we order the furniture to our production unit which is our factory. Usually a modular kitchen takes about 10 - 15 days in the production cycle as many orders might be in the pipeline. This is an important stage where your kitchen is given the industrial finish and perfection from all angles.

Step 5 - Installation

This is the final step to the process. Our experienced team of installers will arrive at the site along with the material including furniture parts, units, and shutters. The installation work will begin then which may take up to 2 - 3 days depending on the size of the order. The installation includes plumbing and wiring services as well, as required by the modular unit. After the installation is over, our team will give you a demo on the usage, including tips on cleaning and maintaining it for a good period of time.

Our Advice

Home Center Nepal is a destination for all of your interior needs. By this we mean we are here to help you beyond the purchasing procedure. We want you to make the right decision when it comes to interior designing. So here are some of our golden advices to help you get started:

  1. This is a one-time investment that will stick with you for a long time. Do not make any adjustments with respect to the material and fittings. Always opt for the reliable resources.
  2. You are unique and so is your need. Just because a design works for someone, doesn’t necessarily mean it will work for you. Keep your space, requirement and budget in mind.
  3. Always get a professional help in designing and installation. There is a reason why they are called “experts”.
  4. Keep in mind the scope of future need in your kitchen. And choose for furniture likewise.

Considering Vastu


Vastu-Shastra is the science of architecture which gives norms of placement for everything relative to this earth. According to Vastu, everything in this cosmos gives out energy affecting lives in different ways, from our house to the furniture within it. Hence, when picking out furniture and placing it, we recommend that you consider Vastu. The proper orientation and direction for the placement of your furniture is significant to the energy of the entire house. The right shape and position of our furniture makes the energies flow and sway to harmonize the environment. If the energy of the house is positive, it will eventually benefits the people residing in it.

Here are some Vastu guidelines that we recommend you to consider:

  • Furniture should be ideally placed in West or South
  • Avoid irregular shapes in furniture such as oval, triangular or circle. Best shapes to be chosen in furniture are square or rectangle.
  • Always keep furniture away from the wall with the distance of 3 inches so that the positive energy flows properly without obstruction.
  • Keep away the clutter from near the furniture.
  • Bed in the room should be placed in South-west direction.
  • Dining table should be placed in North-west position of the kitchen or living room.
  • Study table should be kept in East or North.

Our Team

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